Personalized and Compassionate service

“Kate Vos has been a true safety net for my mother and my family for the past three years. I am co-guardian for my mother who is in a memory care facility; however, I live 4 hours from her. We were introduced to Kate by our elder care attorney when we had to move my mother from her home to assisted living. Kate made the transition easier for all of us. I feel that my mom is in good hands at all times with Kate overseeing and coordinating her care. She checks in on my mom regularly and touches base with the facility staff as needed. Kate makes recommendations to us as my mother's situation and needs have evolved over the years. I have total trust in her opinion and know that this entire experience would have been overwhelming without her expertise to guide our family. I am so thankful that she has been so kind and caring to my mom and continues to provide us with guidance as we make decisions on care.”

- Kathy W.

“Kate Vos has done an outstanding job of helping me mange my father's care. I simply couldn't do it without her. She is attentive and responsive to me, caring and concerned for my dad, and passionate about ensuring that he's well-cared-for. She is my eyes and ears when I can't be there, and she has professional knowledge, insights, and contacts that have been immensely valuable. She is a consummate professional and a genuinely caring person. I am so thankful that we found her – for my dad's sake and for mine as well.”

- Alison B., Charlotte NC

“Kate Vos and her associates from Midlands Area Senior Services are among the most caring and selfless people I have ever been privileged to know. Without their unflagging support and love, my mother's last few years would not have been as comfortable and healthy as they are. Kate goes beyond the typical case manager role to became my mother's friend and touchstone. She gives her professional and personal time to improve my mother's life immeasurably. I have nothing but respect and affection for her help and kindness. Everyone should be blessed with such a friend in their sunset years.”

- Donna B., Franklin TN

“We've recommended Kate many times. If someone needs assistance finding and navigating senior resources in the area, Kate is knowledgeable; she is diligent in searching and obtaining whatever is needed to insure someone is well cared-for. Kate becomes a surrogate family member to her clients. Kate is especially good about keeping everyone informed every step of the way and she listens... that's extremely important to me as a provider.”

- Melanie W. Anderson, Executive Director, Oakleaf Village of Lexington

“I have had the opportunity to work with Kate for the last five years and in this time have seen first-hand the care and compassion that she shows for her clients and families. Kate is always punctual and responsive to any concerns or questions and always seems to have the best interest of her client at heart.”

- Kimberly Davila, Executive Director, The Palmettos of Parklane

“Kate Vos is one of the most caring and compassionate persons in her field. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of Geriatric care for the elderly. She knows who to call and how to get things done in a timely manner. Kate has assisted me with the care of my aunt (soon to be 96 years old) in dealing with the Doctors, sitters, and various agencies for the last three years. Kate has treated my aunt as if she was her own mother. She has always been available to answer questions and make suggestions concerning my aunt's health care. That personal touch is always found in dealing with my aunt's needs. Kate gives above and beyond of herself in dealing with her clients and their family. "It pays to know Kate Vos." Thank you Kate and may God continue to bless you and your business!”

- Larry Berry

“I have known Kate Vos for several years. I have observed her caring for her clients in a professional and compassionate way. Her knowledge and dedication is what makes her a successful Geriatric Care Manager and I would highly recomment her to anyone in need of her service.”

- Edna M. McClain, RN MN

“Kate has made it possible for my mother, in her late 80’s, to live independently in her own home. She visits weekly, providing support in a variety of ways: friendly conversation, phone calls, help with paper work, rides, shopping—whatever my mom could use some help with. She knows the community and knows just who to call to solve a problem.
My mom ends up feeling competent and independent—able to handle her affairs on her own (with some help from Kate), rather than turning everything over to her children to take care of.
Kate has taken a huge load off the minds of my sister and myself, who live out of state and have struggled to help from afar. She is a valuable partner for our family—who is on the scene, capable, and caring.”

Thanks for all you do,

- Cindy Camino

“Kate Vos is a super resource for the Senior Community. She has tons of real world experience balanced with a great range of knowledge and high moral character, it is easy to see why she is so respected by our firm and the local business community. You can rest assured that she will help your loved one as they were part of her family.

Michael Oana
Michael Oana Retirement Planning Specialist, Columbia, SC

“Kate Vos has been a Godsend to me. I was given the responsibility of taking care of my dying mother in early 2011. My boyfriend gave me Kate’s name and number to contact her to assist me in this job that I had no idea of where to even begin. My mom was in a skilled nursing facility when Kate met with us for the first time. She evaluated my mother, she guided and directed me. She gave me encouragement and support. She loved on me and held my hand through some of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. She continues to be there for me any time I need her. And I do mean any time 24/7 she answers her phone and helps me and encourages me.
Kate Vos personally assisted me in reviewing my mother’s finances, health and needs and then recommending me to an assisted living facility where my mother resides until this day. She loves the facility and they are wonderful to her. She is well taken care of thanks to Kate and her assistance. Kate continues to check in on me and my mom and I call her whenever I have a question about her care, her condition, her finances or whenever I just need a big hug. I have recommended many people to Kate when it comes to caring for an aging loved one. KATE REALLY CARES! ”

- Terri F.
Client, Columbia SC

“In my Elder Law practice, clients come to me in need of help. All kinds of help. They do not know where lines are drawn between what work is done by attorneys, paralegals, social workers, insurance caseworkers, Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's benefits, nurses, nursing homes, independent living, assisted living, continuing care communities, non-medical home care companies, medical home care companies, hospice, financial advisors, bankers. And in fact, there is a great deal of overlap among the professions themselves. As a geriatric care manager, Kate Vos provides the bridge among all of the above, and others I didn't even mention. For a family with a loved one in need of assistance, the vast array of services is quite overwhelming. And while the family deals with this once or twice in most lifetimes, we and Kate do this every day, successfully. We do not refer our clients to others carelessly. We require dependability, expertise, professionalism, creativity, and a caring soul. In coordinating our clients' affairs that are beyond the practice of law, Kate is an integral (and much appreciated) member of our team.”

- Sarah L. Clingman
Certified Elder Law Attorney, Clingman Law Firm, LLC, Columbia, SC

“My 92-year old Aunt B. fought hard to hold onto the life she knew, while living alone and at home in her beloved community. However, her mental clarity began to decline and her safety became a serious issue. As B.'s nephew living so far away from her, I quickly realized that she needed more help than I could give her, and so I hired Kate Vos (LISW), a skilled and experienced geriatric care manager, to assist her.
Kate immediately assessed B.'s home environment, nutritional needs, and with the help of B.'s doctor, her medical status. She also initiated contacts with B.'s support system (friends, church, and community) and involved them in her care. After becoming knowledgeable about B's overall situation, Kate presented the family with a detailed plan of care for her. She found an at-home caregiver who possessed the personality and skills to assist B. with her basic daily needs. She also improved B's nutrition through the Meals on Wheels program of prepared home deliveries. Finally, she helped B. make the difficult transition to assisted living, where she now resides in safety and relative tranquility.
In order to ease B's anxiety about her major life changes, Kate spent significant time gaining B's confidence and trust. Her creative approach helped B. feel she was 'still someone of value' in her community. She encouraged old friends to remain connected, even after B. relocated to assisted living.
Kate has worked well with B.'s family and friends, and was able to reassure those who had their own reservations about B.'s moving to an assisted care facility. She also has been a consistent and invaluable liaison for B., keeping those concerned about her (for example: her pastor, the staff of the assisted-care facility, and her family) informed about her status.
Over the last five years, Kate Vos has been a truly pro-active and compassionate advocate for my elder aunt. She consistently 'goes the extra mile', to give B. the dignity and support she deserves. Kate has been there 'in crisis' and when B. just needed some gentle reassurance. I have watched Kate give B. a new lease on life, in a place where she is safe, cared for, and, after years of overwhelming stress and confusion, where she feels at home and at peace. I feel that Kate is a problem-solver, educator, care-coordinator, and advocate extraordinaire!”

- Robin Shealy
Underhill VT

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Kate Vos. For the past several years I have worked very closely with Kate. Her level of care, kindness, expertise and all encompassing compassion for our mutual clients has always been exemplary. Her resources are extensive and her ability to step in with the knowledge, experience, contacts and recommendations speaks volumes of her ability to be not only the one that I trust, but also the one the clients trust in times of crises and in times of planning.”

- Patricia Nicholes
Paralegal, Columbia, SC