Our Services

Personalized and Compassionate service

Are you caring for an aged loved one? We can help!

We offer personalized and compassionate service.
Accessibility-care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Continuity of care management communications are coordinated between family members, doctors, and other professionals and service providers
Cost containment avoids inappropriate placements, duplication of services, and unneccessary hospitalizations.

Do you need a geriatric care manager?

Let me give you a case study. Many of my clients live in facilities. It is sometimes difficult for families to get there to visit. In some cases, I am the eyes and ears of what is going on in facilities.

A very beautifully designed facility had some personnel issues. As a result, my client, who had significant skin problems, was not getting the care he needed for his eczema. His skin was painfully dry and uncomfortable. I reported this to both his daughter, who lives out of state, and the administrator of the facility. As a result a care conference was held. His daughter and I decided to have an outside aide come in the mornings for just an hour to get him “greased up” with his cream, shaved and dressed (5 days a week) until the facility staff situation was corrected. At the care conference, we addressed exactly what our expectations were for the facility staff. This was put in writing and put up in his room. This added some expense to his care, but reassured his daughter that his skin problems would be taken care of. I stop in on my way to my office to check on the days that the private caregiver is not there. (I also check his closet to make sure the right clothes are there as his roommate at times, wore his clothes).
Things are going rather smoothly now and I have been able to get to know many of the staff and they know that I am coming.


Midlands Area Senior Services assesses the need of the client from a physical, emotional, mental, and financeial standpoint. Assessment is done by a certified geriatric care manager includes doctor's records, in-home safety, legal issues, and financial resources. Assessment focuses on the client's preferences as well as family decision-making. Special attention is given to crises intervention. A written plan of care completes the Assessment. Additional health care professionals may be recommended.

We often do evaluations for Probate Court and assist families in guardianship issues.

The first step is usually a one-hour, in-home assessment. The fee for this assessment is $75. There is no charge for travel within the Midlands SC area. Other arrangements can be made to meet your needs.


We implement care services based on the Assessment,
which may include recommendation and setting up of:

  • home health aides
  • home nursing
  • physical therapists
  • home companions
  • medication management
  • weekly medication set-up
  • respite care
  • on-call crises services
  • legal services including driver's license revocation
  • medical appointments
  • transportation
  • shopping services
  • home repairs
  • moving assistance
  • home cleaning
  • travel arrangements
  • professional referrals
  • assisted-living assessment

Our services include counseling and support for the senior, the family, and/or the caregiver.

The staff of Midlands Area Senior Services — from Kate to the registered nurse to the volunteer — is committed to serving each client and family member with respect, dignity, and enthusiasm. Each client is different and is treated as an individual. Midlands Area Senior Services is there for each client and the family by providing resources and support on the aging journey!

Service Monitoring and Reporting

The staff of Midlands Area Senior Services provides regular supervision of the contracted services and the service providers chosen by the client and/or family. Additional assessment and revision of the Care Servicess occurs at regular intervals or as-needed.